About Us


Our Objective

See it together aims to be a key hub and community space for educators to post insightful blogs, innovative teaching ideas and resources sharing their journeys. The site also aims at recruiting SIT champions across the UK to lead and hold SIT training sessions for teachers in the area. The SIT champion will also look at leading fundraisers at their school and at SIT training sessions to help raise awareness and funds for the supporting charity. Our passion for developing collaborative work plays a fundamental role in our journey




My Journey and Why

I was born a happy child loving life. At the age of four, I received the news, I was born with sight in only one of eyes. This didn’t faze me at the time and I always thought I was seeing things normally. Mum would always say it was a miracle I could see with just one eye. As I got older, I had a traumatic time at School. Constant bullying, going home in tears because of my impairment & worrying what people thought of me. At secondary school it didn’t get much better! I would try and hide in the playground, so I could get away from the kids who would bully me. I was beaten up several times on the way home and would be scared to tell anyone. I found out that nothing could be done to give me any form of vision in my other eye. How could I possibly get through this? I would say this to myself almost every day. I always wanted to make my parents proud & show them that I could succeed and ignore negativity. At university, I had a group of amazing friends that are now like family to me. They were a great support and we lifted and served each other. I somehow achieved a 1st class honors degree. This made my parents very proud as I was the first to achieve this in my family. I went into teaching because I wanted to face my childhood fears and help young people not just with disabilities, but all young people. To make their school experience better than the one I endured. Make them smile and keep them motivated to ensure they believe that obstacles are there to be defeated. Negativity is there to be ignored. Everyone has a story. This is me. It’s not about me, you, them, him or her. It’s about us.

See It Together is a chance for me to encourage educators to share their ideas and journeys. To inspire and remind each other why we are so passionate about teaching. Having this platform and opportunity to network with other teachers across the UK, will be just another stepping stone to empowering young people.

Raising awareness and funds for our charity of the year will hopefully be an amazing achievement for all involved! 



Charity of the Year

This year we are supporting and raising awareness for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). The RNIB are the UK’s leading charity supporting blind and partially sighted people.  They help people who are losing their sight, are blind or partially sighted and offer practical and emotional support to help those that need it continue living life to the full.  face the future with confidence. They understand the impact of sight loss and provide emotional support and advice to help sufferers live life again. The RNIB also provide practical ways to live independently, from whether you need help with technology, ways to continue reading or advice about employment. on staying in work. They are an invaluable first point of contact for the many people living with sight conditions affected with a wide range of sight ailments and we are very honored to also be able to support their cause.


To learn more about RNIB please visit their website http://www.rnib.org.uk/


Make a donation directly to RNIB by following this link http://www.rnib.org.uk/donations-and-fundraising