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Ritesh (NPQSL) is currently subject lead for DT and SLE at an outstanding Secondary school in North London. Passionate about driving collaboration, Ritesh has led large-scale TeachMeets conferences for the past four years.

Recently at an SLT meeting, there was a request passed on from several year 11 students asking for an exam timetable/calendar to keep track of their time and plan their revision accordingly. They wanted something to have on their walls on at home so they had visual reference every morning and night.

Having seen some good examples already on Twitter, I decided to create a bespoke design for the students. Alongside the dates, I added in useful websites which they can always refer to and these are also found in their student planners.

But above all, tried to keep it positive! Hence the reminders of their well-being and motivational quotes.

Thank you for the positive feedback thus far on this and I hope to adapt this design to engage with KS5 learners. It will be interesting to have the thoughts of students and will update this blog once I do.

Meanwhile, I have added the file so you can download it and edit it to accommodate your learners and school! Feel free to add any feedback you get on the resource on here or via twitter!



Year 11 Exam timetable Template.pptx


R Spence
Thank you for your generosity in sharing this!

Tiglath Pileser
Fantastic resource!

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