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Ritesh (NPQSL) is currently subject lead for DT and SLE at an outstanding Secondary school in North London. Passionate about driving collaboration, Ritesh has led large-scale TeachMeets conferences for the past four years.

A few years ago I began to use Twitter to develop my pedagogy. Looking back, I believe it was one of most significant decisions I have made as an educator. We should not feel confined in our classrooms or institutes.

 Once I started using Twitter, it proved to be a big game-changer. This is a brief introduction to encourage new Teachers. Twitter is the most productive and engaging teacher CPD you can ever experience. An endless bank of resources, advice and support - get on it! Share what works for you and appreciate what others share. Follow who you feel inspires you.



Please find attached a free guide I created that has been shared to staff at my school and also on Twitter itself! 


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